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5 Ways the Port Charlotte Real Estate Industry is Changing in 2023

While some basics about real estate will never change, the industry is constantly modified to keep in step with economic changes, updates to industry standards, technological advances and shifts in real estate trends. Along with all this, lawmakers are continually updating the tax codes which affect real estate transactions. Keeping your eyes on the horizon … Continued

Should You Sign a Trust Deed When Selling Your House in Port Charlotte ?

With so much paperwork to sign and complicated terminology involved in the transaction at closing, it can be confusing to understand just who signs a trust deed and when. However, holding real estate in a revocable living trust comes with many benefits, including estate tax savings, protection from creditors and avoiding probate. So read on … Continued

How to Sell Your House Faster in Port Charlotte With These Crafty Tips

Listing your home for sale is costly. After making your decision, beginning the process of prepping for the sale of your home and then placing it on the market, days or weeks may have already passed. In the meantime, you’re still paying any existing mortgage, taxes, insurance and monthly expenses for maintaining the property. For … Continued

What Port Charlotte Real Estate Buyers and Sellers Can Expect in 2023

A renewed focus on homeownership brought about by the pandemic changed the perspective of the population that would generally be renters. As a result, Port Charlotte real estate investors should be aware that this driving force is now cooling and consider adjusting their investment strategy accordingly. So read on as we explore what Port Charlotte … Continued

5 Tips for Selling Your Port Charlotte House in the Current Market

While real estate markets go through shifts and there is a cooling trend, the numbers show home prices are still rising, and the inventory of available homes is still low. Because of the law of supply and demand, the current market is still considered a seller’s market. However, according to the U.S. Census Bureau and … Continued

5 People to Partner With When Selling Your House in Port Charlotte

When selling your house, you will encounter many people and potential buyers walking through during showings. For those considering listing on your own to save money, you should know that the abysmal statistics show that only 8 percent of successful home sales are FSBO. They sell for much lower than they would with an agent; … Continued

3 Things That Make Stage 94 Real Estate Different From Other Home Buyers in Port Charlotte

Bringing together the expertise of the most highly regarded real estate professional licensed real estate agents and professional property investors has created the professional hybrid agent investor. These professionals act as real estate agents and utilize the most modern technologies to professionally market a property for sale on the Port Charlotte MLS by working through … Continued

How To Sell A Damaged House In North Port

When selling a home, there are many things that come into play. If you are selling a home that needs repairs that can add another level of complexity. If you need to sell a damaged home in the North Port area, keep reading and we will show you how to save time and money on … Continued

How To Sell Your House With Tenants In North Port.

You might be wondering how to sell your investment property in North Port when other people are living in it. The selling process can become a bit more complicated but Stage 94 Real Estate can make the process simple. In our latest post, learn more about how to sell your house with tenants in North … Continued
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