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3 Misconceptions People Have About Selling Their North Port Homes in 2022

What if I told you that the methods for selling a home have changed and made old beliefs about what is required to sell your North Port house obsolete? Well, read on as we explore three of the lingering misconceptions people have in regards to their North Port property.

Prep Work and Repairs 

One of the many misconceptions home owners have about selling their home in 2022 is that you have to spend money to make all the costly repairs in order to sell their North Port house. Some sellers prefer not showing their properties, while other do all sorts of painting and updating work on their homes before listing them on the MLS (Multiple Listing Service). But for those who don’t have the time or desire (or both), there’s a faster and easier solution! We at Stage 94 Real Estate have a knack for getting sellers what they want. We take all the headaches that a traditional sales process brings. We get North Port homeowners the cash fast so they can move on with life!

You Must List To Sell

Another one of the many misconceptions among North Port home owners is that they must either list their property with a realtor. But in today’s market a home owner can sell their home directly to a cash buyer like Stage 94 Real Estate and same themselves 10’s of thousands of dollars. And when you choose to sell to us at Stage 94 Real Estate there are never any hidden fees, you will never pay a commission , and you won’t even pay any closing costs!

The Selling Process is Slow

Some people think that selling their home has to take months. That’s not the case any longer. If you choose to sell your North Port home to Stage 94 Real Estate, we can close quickly most times in less than 2 weeks. If you need longer to move, we can work with that also. At Stage 94 Real Estate, we provide a fast and guaranteed closing date that will work best for you and your plans.

Stage 94 Real Estate is here to help you make a deal that you feel good about long after we have all left the closing table. We take time and explain everything to you. We are always offer complete transparency!

If you would like to get a No-Lowball offer for your North Port house, please reach out to us at Stage 94 Real Estate today!

About Stage 94 Real Estate

Hi! 🙂 We are Cliff & Shannon and we are Stage 94 Real Estate! We are a real estate solutions company who help homeowners that are in unique real estate situations. We buy homes fast in cash that are either distressed, burdensome, or unwanted properties. We provide an easier, faster, simpler way to traditional selling of a home. Come learn about us & see if we can help you. Fill out a form or call us now!

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